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Papers on
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Artikelen over
historische onderwerpen
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Verveen, A.A., 1971. In search of processes: the early history of cybernetics.
Mathematical Biosciences 11: 5-29.
     Translation of my 1968 inaugural lecture, read and printed in Dutch, also republished in Dutch in 1969 (see below).

     For those interested in the subject, I want to mention the
quite informative book by Otto Mayr (1971), 
Feedback mechanisms in the historical collections of the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology
, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington.

Verveen, A.A., 2003. Pump or drown; the water-logged history of Holland.
IMCoS Journal (92): 5-23
     Journal of the International Map Collectors' Society, Spring 2003, issue nr. 92.
     A short history of the swampy coastal area of the Netherlands called Holland (together with Zeeland, Friesland and Groningen):
          how a large part of its surface came to drop below sea-level
          and how this influenced the history of the region.

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Verveen, A.A., 1969. Op speurtocht naar processen. De vroege geschiedenis van de cybernetica.
Natuurkundige Voordrachten 47: 119-144.
      Herdruk, in een tijdschrift, van mijn oratie uit 1968.
      Original Dutch version of: "In search of processes" (see above).

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Verveen, A.A., 1997. Geschiedenis van het meten van de tijd.
     A history of the measurement of time, in Dutch.

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