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Papers on
systems theory
mainly dealing with the
pathophysiology of feedback systems

(a steady state analysis)

developed to teach diseases of complex systems
to freshman in medicine (and some other students)
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Verveen, A.A., 1971. In search of processes: the early history of cybernetics.
Mathematical Biosciences 11: 5-29.
     Translation of my inaugural lecture of February 23d, 1968, read and printed in Dutch. Republished in Dutch in 1969.
     For those interested in the subject, I mention the informative book by Otto Mayr (1971), 
Feedback mechanisms in the historical collections of the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology
, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington.

Verveen, A.A., 1972. The application of systems theory in biology, an introduction.
Annals of System Research 2: 117-139.
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Verveen, A.A., 1978. Silent endocrine tumors.
A steady-state analysis of the effects of changes in cell number for biological feedback systems.
Biological Cybernetics 31: 49-54.

Verveen, A.A., 1979. Left- and right-regulating systems:
a steady-state analysis of function and structure of simple feedback systems.
Biological Cybernetics 35: 131-136.
Verveen, A.A., 1980 Problems of context
                       in teaching systems behaviour
In: de Zeeuw, G and  P. van den Eden, Eds. 1980. Problems of context.
Amsterdam, VU Boekhandel.
     Note that the paper was  typed on an old typewriter, and printed as such.
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Verveen, A.A., 1982. Steady state pathology of simple regulating systems.
Progress in Cybernetics and Systems Research 9: 259-261.
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Verveen, A.A., 1983. Theory of diseases of steady-state proportional control systems.
Biological Cybernetics 47: 25-31.

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Verveen, A.A., 1983. Participation in democratic control, viewed by a physiologist.
In: A. Pedretti and G. de Zeeuw, eds. Problems of levels and boundaries.
Princelet Editions, London and Zurich: 453-471.
     (an exercise)
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Verveen, A.A., 1990. Qualitative analysis of physiological control systems.
In: Cybernetics and Systems ’90,
Proceedings of the Tenth International Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research,
R. Trappl, ed. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore: 467-474.
Verveen, A.A., 1990. Qualitative analysis of physiological deregulation diseases.
Trends in Biological Cybernetics 1: 191-239
      A fake journal???

Van Duijn, B., D. L. Ypey, J. de Goede, A. A. Verveen and W. Hekkens, 1989.
A model study of the regulation of gastric acid secretion.
American Journal of Physiology: Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 257: G157-G168.

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Ypey, D.L., A.A. Verveen and B. van Duijn, 1993.
Blood glucose regulation by the pancreas and the kidney.
 In: R.P. van Wijk Brievingh and D.P.F. Möller, eds. Biomedical modeling and simulation on a pc. Advances in Simulation 6: 344-386.
Zhao, S.L. and A.A. Verveen, 1983.
The application of cybernetics and computers in medicine – theory and examples.

Scientific Press, Beijing: Ch. 3 through 5.3.
     Printed in Chinese.
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