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The Behaviour Cycle of the Boa constrictor in Captivity
p. 17-18: Born in May, they then were four months old
Should be:
Born in May 1991, they were 15 weeks old when I bought them. Data on weight and feeding were, therefore, lacking.

p. 63, figure I-8-2. The 1st year of life points of the male and the female boa (here about 300 %) contain missing data (see page 17 -18).  
Extrapolation frown week 15 down to the first week of life is questionable since this supposes that I treated the animals in exactly the same way as the breeder did. However, suppose this to be true, then the correction should be 300 * 16/52 equals about 87 % of body mass. Then, it becomes 387 %, still leaving a gap of about 100 % with the first year of life of the  first and second young.

p. 156, figure II-5-5. Units: 10 cm.

p.  47, figure I-7-2. Equation  Rsquared0,9727 =
                             must read  Rsquared = 0,9727

December 8, 2014
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